Going out of Business

We've recently come to the decision to shut down Built up Beasts. We took over the business almost two years ago, and we've been doing our best to run it alongside our other shop, Fantasy Grove, but we haven't been able to devote the amount of time needed to really help BuB thrive as a standalone shop. We wanted so badly to make it work, but as time has gone on it's only stretched us thinner, and we can no longer see a future in which we're able to reasonably keep up with it.


Once BuB has shut down completely, we will be going through the current models and seeing if we can integrate them one at a time over the next few years into the FG lineup. Many of them came to us in only one or two sizes, and many of the molds we acquired with the business are reaching the end of their lifespan. We want to be able to focus on revitalizing them one at a time, and re-releasing them with new molds as needed and a full line up of sizes under the FG brand. Doing so while juggling all the other responsibilities of running both businesses at a time wasn't possible for us, but we are hopeful to bring most of them over in time so that they won't be lost to the void.

We'll be here to answer any questions over the next few weeks as we go through this process. Thank you to everyone who supported Creator when this business first opened, and who gave your support to our team as well as we tried to make this work the last couple years! 

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