Next Drop April 17th 8pm EST
Next Drop April 17th 8pm EST
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What are your toys made of?

Our toys are made of platinum cured silicone that has been tested and certified as skin safe. We use cosmetic grade mica and silicone pigments to color our toys. We aim to source all our mica from ethical suppliers.

How firm are your toys?

Our toys come in four firmness options

Firm is shore 10A

Medium is shore 00-50

Soft is shore 00-30

Supersoft is shore 00-20

Here is what that means. The shore firmness scale measures firmness in samples of the same shape and size, and the silicone we get from our manufacturer is meant to be that firmness if we were to pour a sample in the same size and shape as the control that was tested. Because we are creating toys in a variety of shapes and sizes, how firm a toy feels will vary based on shape and size. So a large Chonk in our soft firmness may actually feel the same or a little firmer than a small chonk in medium firmness. Pigment and other silicone additives can also affect the firmness of a toy, the more pigment generally, the more firm a toy may feel. When we label a toy with a shore firmness or describe it with our firmness chart, that means that we have poured that toy using the silicone labeled as that firmness from the manufacturer. It does not mean that it will measure as that shore if you test it with a durometer at home, due to the factors we just discussed that can cause variation.

If you need a specific firmness to meet your preferences or for medical reasons, please let us know and we can work with you on a custom order. While we cannot control every aspect of this material, we can advise pigment choices, shapes, sizes, etc, that may help better meet your firmness needs.

How do I care for my toy?

With proper cleaning, storing, and choosing the right lubes, your toy should have a very long lifespan. Take a look at our full care sheet here for care instructions 

How do you package and ship toys?

We seal our toys in bags, wrap them in tissue paper as padding, and package them in discreet plain brown boxes. Our return address reads FG to protect your privacy and prevent someone else from guessing at what your fun new package contains. 

How long will it take to get my toy?

For inventory toys, we aim to ship your toy within a week of purchase. We ship within the US with USPS and shipping generally takes 3-5 days. Inventory toys should get to you within two weeks of purchase.

When a toy has shipped, you should receive an email with a tracking number. Once a toy leaves our hands we do not have control over how fast it gets to you. If you have a problem with your toy not arriving on time or going missing after it has shipped, please contact your postal carrier.

Custom order wait times can vary and a quoted time range will be given when ordering a custom.

What is a drop/why are there no toys in stock?

An inventory drop, or drop, is a common occurrence in the fantasy toy community. This refers to a pre-decided time where new stock is placed in inventory at once. Drops can be a bit of a feeding frenzy, so if you are looking for a specific toy, we recommend being online when a drop occurs and purchasing quickly before it is gone. We will announce drops on our twitter, and also have a notification at the top of our homepage that lets you know when our next drop is planned. We also do a pre-shop period for an hour before a drop so that our customers have a chance to read the listings fully for any whoopses or notes and decide on what they might want without the pressure of a split second time limit.

If you do not see any toys currently in stock, take a look at when the next drop will be, or head over to our customs page and design and order a toy just for you!

What is pre-shop?

Pre-shop is an hour time period before a drop where we make the new product listings visible but not yet purchase-able. This allows you time to read the entire listing and think about purchases in a low pressure environment before inventory becomes available for purchase.

What are customs/do you do customs?

A custom is any toy that is not premade and found in inventory. When you order a specific toy in a size, firmness, and color of your choosing, that is considered a custom, even if it is a signature color or named color.

We do offer customs, check out our customs page to see if we are currently open for custom orders.

Do you accept cancellations/returns?

We do not accept cancellations or returns, and do not issue refunds under most circumstances. Please be sure of your purchase before ordering.  For our full refund and cancellation policy go here.

What is a Whoops?

A whoops is a toy that has a defect such as nicks, tears, or air bubbles. While these defects do not affect the use or safety of your toy, it may need some extra care to keep it clean. We will not sell toys with defects we consider unsafe. Our models, molds, and toys are all handcrafted by us and so texture variation, small scuffs, and surface imperfections are normal and not considered defects.

The difference between a whoops and a mold quirk comes in how it affects the toy. Mold imperfections are in every model cast with that mold. The silicone is poured into the mold as a viscous liquid, it fills the mold, and it cures to that shape. There may be some areas with surface texture or small divots or blips of silicone that look very similar to an air bubble or nick. A mold quirk such as a divot, scuff, or surface texture, should act no different than intentional fine textures such as ridges, creases, or wrinkles. It should not present a weak spot on the toy, it is an aesthetic variation only. A nick that occurs after a toy has cured, during demolding or during cleaning and handling before its sent out, will have an uneven surface with microtears, and that can require extra time to carefully clean after use, or gentler care so as not to cause further damage.

Do you ship internationally?

We are based in the United States and ship internationally. Customers are responsible for all import duties.


What is a pour? What does fade/marble/split/etc mean?

A pour is the picking of one or more pigments to color the silicone, the mixing of those with the silicone, and then the technique of pouring the liquid silicone of those colors into a mold. Silicone is a viscous liquid when we are working with it, we can control some aspects of the pouring process but it sure seems to have a mind of its own as well, so the way it may layer or pattern when filling the mold can be unpredictable. We do have words for certain types of pours, which for us means we do that pour in a certain technique that through experience we have found creates a certain type of result.

A fade is a gradient of one color to another. For example, a fade of yellow to red may start with yellow at the tip of the toy, and the yellow will darken to orange and then to red in a slow gradient as you progress down the shaft to the base.

A marble is a mix of several colors in a seemingly random pattern, in which you can still distinguish the individual colors (although there may be some fading between them). For example, a marble of blue, green, red, and yellow would have spots on the toy of each of those colors, and would not be the brown blend they might be if just all stirred together. A spiral marble is a variation in which the colors spiral down the toy, reminiscent of a candy cane or barber shop pole.

A split is when there are two or more horizontal stripes on a toy. Usually a split is seen between the base and shaft, although it can be done at any area. If ordering a split, please specify if you want it elsewhere, or else it will be done between the base and shaft. A vertical split are vertical stripes of color on a toy. A split may be a perfectly straight clean line, or may blur a little, almost like a small fade in just that tiny area where the colors meet.

A ribbon is a pattern that happens when silicone folds over on itself during pouring. Ribboning can take many forms and look similar to a marble, but often creates tighter thinner bands of multiple colors.

What can I expect when I order a named color?

Well, that really depends! When you order a custom, we will do our best to let you know what to expect. In general, if you order a named color you can expect that we will mix the pigments into the silicone in the same amounts as we usually do for that color, and layer and pour the colors using the same technique as we usually do. We can’t promise all toys in a certain coloration will look the same though, because silicone is unpredictable and this is a lot of art as well as science. We are not a large production company making hundreds or more of identical items, we are a small business of a couple humans, making artsy hand-crafted dongs to bring a little more whimsy and joy into finding a safe sex toy. The toy you get will be one of a kind. Some colorations lend better to replication, some have huge variations between pours. If you are very particular about the exact color placement and look of a pour, please make us aware so we can let you know if that is something within our ability to do.

What is confetti? Why is there an upcharge?

Confetti is a unique style of pour in which shapes are created out of the same silicone used to make the toy and put in the mold to cure with it encapsulated inside the toy. Creating our confetti pours is a time and labor intensive process, one that also has a lot of research behind it to ensure its safety and durability.  We upcharge for this pour type because of the amount of time and labor it takes to create these toys. 

Can I custom confetti? What if I’m willing to pay more?

We do not offer confetti customs at this time.  Confetti toys are both more time and labor intensive to make, and have higher rates of failure. Customs can be stressful to begin with, and the combination of how much more so this would make them, with how much more we would have to charge to make them worthwhile, makes us disinclined to offer confetti customs now or in the future. 

What is hand painting? Is it safe?

Hand painting is done by individually pigmenting small amounts of the same silicone used to make a toy, and painting with those into the mold. Then the remainder of the toy is poured before the painted areas have cured, so they cure as a seamless part of the toy. We believe it to be just as safe as any other pour type (like drips or splits) where one part of the toy is poured and then another is poured afterwards, but before the first part has cured. We have stress tested it and not found any different between hand painting and other pour types in regards to durability or safety.

Why is hand painting such an upcharge for customs?

Hand painting is a time intensive process requiring great precision and attention to detail. As with any artwork, it comes at a cost for the time of the artist as well as all other aspects that go into creating your toy. We understand it is not an affordable option for everyone, and we have many other pour styles that can be chosen at a lower cost.

Can you teach me how to do this? Will you answer my questions about xyz technique?

I only wish we could, I want nothing more than to see more shops offering body safe fantastical creations popping up! We usually don’t have the time to spend teaching others this craft or answering detailed questions on how to do a certain technique or pour. We are incredibly friendly though and love to hear from people, so please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask if you have questions about our products or are curious about why xyz technique is said to be so hard, or why a certain firmness seems to marble differently, etc. We may not be able to answer every single question for lack of time, but if we are able to address questions, we will!