Drop Is Coming!

Just a quick update for everyone.


I know it's been a long time since the last drop. My life has been extremely hectic lately. Mainly working on house projects and stuff like that, which have been taking a lot of time away from working on stuff for BuB. But that is all changing really soon!


I am scheduling a drop for the 6th at 6pm MDT, which should include 50+ toys! So hopefully you can find a new friend to take home. I still have to trim, wash, photograph, edit, and list everything. So its going to be a stressful couple of days for me. But that's the name of the game when you sign up to be a professional dongsmith XD


There is also 2 new models in the works right now. Both have been molded, but only 1 has been tested so far, and it didn't look too pretty. However, that may not be the molds fault. So I will need to test it again. The other mold looks pretty good, and I will be testing that one either today or tomorrow. I doubt there will be any of those 2 models in this drop, but definitely by the next drop there will be at least 1 of the new models. 


I think that's it for now. Thanks for reading!

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