About BUB

--BUB creates fantasy adult toys for you to unleash your inner beast. Using only the highest quality materials I can get my hands on. The toys themselves are made with Smooth-On Platinum Cure silicone, cosmetic grade mica powder, and cosmetic grade micro-fine glitter (if applicable).


--Built Up Beasts is a ONE PERSON SHOP! That means me, the Creator/Chris, does absolutely everything! From thinking of ideas, to sculpting the models, to molding, pouring, taking pictures, listing the items, even writing this right now! That being said, I also have a life outside of this business. I try to get everything done as fast as I can, but these things take time. And for now, its just not feasible to hire more help to get everything done faster. So your stuck with me... 


--This website and business is a work in progress! New models and sizes are being created all the time. If you want to follow along this dong-making journey of mine, follow BUB on twitter! Or you can become a patreon supporter here! www.patreon.com/builtupbeasts


--Built Up Beasts started back in May of 2019. I was a webcam model at the time, and I had been gifted my first fantasy toy a couple months before. But I started looking around at all the fantasy toys I could search for. And even though I was making money, I wasn't able to just go and buy a toy. So I had the idea of trying to make one myself! So I started researching... which lead absolutely no where! So I just started sclupting a model out of clay, and figured I would deal with the rest of the stuff I needed to know later. However, I found out sculpting with clay is HARD! I was able to get a couple models made, but when I went to get them ready for molding, they always cracked. (Probably wasn't using the right clay) I knew there had to be an easier way, and I found 3d sculpting. I've always been able to use technology to my advantage, and this was no exception. I made my first model in June 2019, and ordered a 3d printer to make it come to life! And that's exactly what happened! It failed a couple times, and I had to resculpt it a bit. But it was awesome! So I made another model, this time I actually prepped it right! I got it ready for molding, and then started learning more about the mold making process. The first attempt did not go well at all. It used way to much silicone, it was way to thick, and I could not for the life of me get the model out without needing to cut the mold. Second attempt went a little better, but it was too thin in places and that left holes in the mold. Then I saw a video that Geeky Sex Toys posted on Youtube. It very briefly went over how they do the molds for their toys, but it gave me enough information to try that technique myself. And BAM! I had a finished mold, and soon after I had a finished toy!

I was hooked! Even though that whole process was super frustrating at times, it allowed me to be super creative, working to make a product that started out as just an idea and turn it into a real, usable toy! And that's when it hit me. I had always wanted to own my own business. I had tried multiple times before, but never something that I truly loved doing. I decided right then that this was going to be it! So I started making more models, getting a twitter account made, finding a place to start selling, and learning a lot more about how to make these beautiful beasts! Then February 7th, 2020, I had 5 models in production. And I launched Built Up Beasts on Etsy!

It is now over a year later, and I know I made the right choice in making this a real business!